CWSAのMaster Classでの選手登録について


CWSAのMaster Classでの選手登録について、CWSA役員のHan氏より下記のアナウンスを頂戴しましたので、原文のままお伝えさせて頂きます。


As a board member of CWSA, I would like to clarify CWSA guidelines for defining Masters Division.
CWSA defines Divisions in accordance with the following philosophy stated in the CWSA competition guidelines.
Divisions consist of skill level, gender, style, and in some circumstances, age.
As a result, CWSA has set the following guideline for Masters Division: 45 years old and older, as of Jan 1st of competition year
In addition to above, CWSA has announced additional descriptions for Masters Division qualifications.
(1) Those who promote sports promotion through wake surfing and promote the creation of a loved association closely tied to the community
(2) Those who focus on widespreading and developing wake surfing and build relationships closely tied to the region through competition
(3) Those conducting activities to promote a healthy community society and local exchange through not only wake surfing but also activities to sports activities
I suggest that JWSA takes these guidelines into account when running Masters Division.